Doom Eternal – Bethesda Unveils Successor Including Trailer

Doom Eternal – Bethesda Unveils Successor Including Trailer

Another highlight of the E3 2018, Bethesda unveils the successor to DOOM 2016! In addition to the announcement of “DOOM Eternal“, there was also first information and a trailer!

In the course of the Bethesda Softworks press conference, the successor to DOOM 2016 was unveiled, many details were not elicited from Bethesda, they merely announced that “Doom Eternal” will not play on Mars this time. Instead, hell is being shipped to Earth in the new part.

The DOOM Eternal developed by id Software is the successor of the award-winning successful game DOOM (2016). Experience the ultimate in speed and punch and a quantum leap in tough first-person action. Return as DOOM Slayer to practice cruel retribution on the forces of hell. Equipped with all-new weapons and abilities, you take it as a butcher between the dimensions with new and well-known demons. If your heart beats, that could be due to the thrilling soundtrack of Mick Gordon.


DOOM Eternal E3 Trailer

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