DOOM Eternal Hotfix Update 1.04 Patch Notes on May 16th

DOOM Eternal Hotfix Update 1.04 Patch Notes on May 16th

Bethesda has released a new hotfix update for DOOM Eternal. We have all the details for this update on May 16th.

The DOOM Eternal Update 1.04 can now be downloaded. It looks like there were some problems with the first content update 1.03, which will be fixed with today’s patch.


DOOM Eternal Patch Notes 1.04

BATTLEMODE Quality-of-Life Updates for ALL platforms

  • BATTLEMODE Tutorials are now required for first-time players when entering the mode
  • Added functionality to take disciplinary action against players who exploit BATTLEMODE by prematurely exiting matches or are abusive on voice chat
  • BATTLEMODE Death Report Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a damage report showing players exactly what killed them

  • New Indicator for Healing Demon Players New FX display under player headers in BATTLEMODE when they are actively healing. This is visible to all players.

  • New Messaging in BATTLEMODE has been added to improve the clarity of server and lobby states

New Network Icons in BATTLEMODE will display when network conditions introduce latency or packet loss. The Network Icons are as follows:

  • Latency Variation : Your latency is fluctuating inconsistently, which will cause intermittent lag (see High Latency)
  • High Latency : The time it takes for data to travel between you and the server is high. Also referred to as a high “ping”, and results in lag.
  • Packet Loss : Higher packet loss means more data is being lost between you and the server.

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  1. Matt May 18, 2020 | Reply

    Please do something about ps4 bottlemode lag, almost every game there is a lag, I don’t care if u got to make the graphics a little more simple or something, just unplayable when the slayer is shooting through walls, and my connection is usually at 70mbps

  2. Alex May 17, 2020 | Reply

    You know that song, on the first doom eternal gameplay, mars core, on youtube… well that’s not in the game… all i am asking, pls put that back in, the gameplay would be more chaotic, if you agree pls, let that be changed, somehow..

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