Dreamlight Valley Toy Story content announced

Dreamlight Valley Toy Story content announced

Dreamlight Valley, a life simulator featuring Disney and Pixar’s most iconic landscapes and characters, debuted last week. The media giant is extending its current game, and you may have a friend in it.

A trailer for the game displayed at the Disney and Marvel Game Showcase this weekend showed Goofy, Moana, and WALL-E before skipping to a door marked with three-eyed alien squeeze toys. The teaser depicts Woody’s cowboy hat and Buzz Lightyear’s jet pack before shrinking the player avatar to toy size in a child’s bedroom. Randy Newman’s famed soundtrack replaces chimes. The trailer shows you can unlock Woody and Buzz’s outfits and voice box strings for your avatar.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched September 6 with 17 film icons. The game starts with Merlin and anthropomorphic animals. Complete chores for your new friends to unlock them and go through the story mode. Woody and Buzz probably share a room. Clip implies fall, but no date is given.

Disney can create the game because of so many successful movies. Scar from The Lion King and Stitch from Experiment 626 appear in the teaser’s last scene. Future enhancements should be expected. You can view the trailer here:

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Written by: verena smith

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