Dying Light 2: Multiple Playthrough is worth it!

Dying Light 2: Multiple Playthrough is worth it!

The zombie action game Dying Light 2 by Techland has so many different branching paths that the developers are not sure how many there are at the moment. Said Kornel Jaskula, the producer of Dying Light 2 opposite GamesRadar.

Any decision the player makes in an important story mission and side quests can provoke a reaction: It changes the composition of the city, the way the player interacts with the world, the citizens who inhabit a city, and even the possibilities of the game mechanics that come along in the course of the game.

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Because of these ramifications and many options, Technland has designed a great deal of content for the game: “It’s almost as if we’re developing several games at the same time,” says Jaskula. “We design the game with the basic idea that some players will miss the content, and that’s totally OK for us.”

That’s why it makes sense to play Dying Light 2 more often: “Thanks to the variety of stories, missions, content and assets, we believe that it will make players want to play the game over and over again or try to cooperate with other players play to see their world, it’s something we’ve built from the ground up as a cornerstone, it’s one of our design goals, and something we’re still keeping an eye on.”


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