Dying Light 2: Release date, editions and 8 minutes gameplay

Dying Light 2: Release date, editions and 8 minutes gameplay

A few minutes ago there was a 30-minute live stream for Dying Light 2. There the developers provided detailed information on the action-heavy survival title, which we have clearly prepared for you in this article.

In today’s livestream for the “Dying Light” successor, the developers not only revealed the release date, the individual editions were also presented and new gameplay material was shown. The survival game with an open game world will be released under the name “Dying Light 2: Stay Human“.


Dying Light 2 can be ordered now

Techland’s newest work will be available in stores on December 7th this year. You can now pre-order “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” in both digital and physical form. This gives you an exclusive “Reload” skin package as a bonus.

You have the choice between three different editions. In addition to the standard edition, there is also the deluxe edition. The third edition depends on whether you prefer digital or disc. The Ultimate Edition is only for the digital version and the fat Collectors Edition is only physically available.

We’ll spare you more texts, the details of the eidings can be found in the PSN Store or in the Dying Light Shop. Here is the gameplay trailer!


DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay Demo NEW (2021) HD

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