Dying Light Patch Notes 1.19 – Update on August 27

Dying Light Patch Notes 1.19 – Update on August 27

Dying Light has received a new update today for PS4 and Xbox One. The update has different version numbers depending on which extension you own and which you do not.

Dying Light Update 1.19 is available if you have “The Following” installed, otherwise there are several numbers – 1.16, 1.17 or even 1.18.


Dying Light Update 1.19 The Following Patch Notes

New features:

  • we’ve set a new type of enemy loose, so keep an eye out for Silver Hazmat – Gas Tank’s more deadly variation

  • if you wish to play Dying Light without live events, you can now turn them off and on via Options -> Online -> Live events. This is visible only during a live event

  • new section in the game’s main menu shows available DLCs and lets you access them easily

  • additional dockets are now supported (more info coming soon!)

General fixes:

  • if you have VAC disabled and want to join someone who has VAC on, the game will prompt you that doing so will enable VAC, and let you accept or decline

  • some bugs were fixed

Written by: Carizma

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