Dyson Sphere Program Steam Update on July 25

Dyson Sphere Program Steam Update on July 25

A new update for the Dyson Sphere Program has arrived. We’ll tell you here what the new patch will contain at the weekend.

The new Dyson Sphere Program Update is now available for download on Steam. There are a few changes and bug fixes, that’s about it. So not much is happening, but the upgrade / downgrade exploit has been removed.


Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes | July 25


  • Now you can recognize the different status of facilities (pre-select, pre-build and lack of item) when applying a blueprint by the different colors.


  • Fixed the bug that you may achieve item for free when upgrade/downgrade pre-view model in white color in BluePrint system (the white color appears when you don’t have enough item to finish the upgrade/downgrade).
  • Fixed the bug that the Blueprint floor color did not display at higher ground that made the white pre-view model too shiny.
  • Fixed the bug that a red error message may occured when type with certain IMEs in blueprint browser.


Where did we get this information from? Of course, it is official information that we have from Steam.

Written by: Dom

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