Dyson Sphere Program Update 0.6.17 Patch Notes – April 1st

Dyson Sphere Program Update 0.6.17 Patch Notes – April 1st

Youthcat Studio released a new update for the Dyson Sphere Program today. We have the full Steam Patch Notes for April 1st.

The Dyson Sphere Program Update can now be downloaded and installed on Steam. The patch adds new features, bug fixes and there are improvements.


Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes


  • Added system framework of item drop/pick up
  • Optimized the Assembler GPU Rendering cost by adding the LOD1 and LOD2 to rendering detail levels
  • Optimized the models of logistics drones and vessels and the rendering costs on GPU


  • You won’t loss your items due to “Inventory is full” anymore. Instead, they will fall on the ground or float in the space!


  • Fixed a bug that mecha walking may be interrupted when pressing S from the perspective of God in the Construction Mode
  • Fixed the bug that the customized celestial bodies’ names may not be updated in the production statistics panel
  • Fixed a bug that a facility may be built in the wrong place because of the failure of the calculating of building placement distance
  • Fixed the bug that it may report an error when the Logistics Station is dismantled


Source: Steam

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