Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes – July 6th

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes – July 6th

Youthcat Studio deployed a new steam update for the Dyson Sphere Program today. We have the full Patch Notes for July 6th.

The Dyson Sphere Program Update can now be downloaded and installed on Steam. The patch adds new features, bug fixes and there are improvements.


Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes | July 6th


  • Added real-time data display on Fractionator panel


  • Optimized the input and output logic of Splitter, Storage Tank, and Logistic Station to solve the problem that the conveyor belt was not easy to work in full load. Conveyor belts are now easier to fulfilled by the cargo (work at full capacity).
  • Optimized the output priority and diverter logic of Splitter, so that the conveyor belt with the correct ratio can be fully transported and run with a full load
  • Optimized the port determination. Now you can choose the port easier when connecting a building with Conveyor Belt, especially for multi-port buildings such as Logistics Station, and adjusted the port configuration of the port buildings
  • Optimized the logic of the Fractionator, so that when the Conveyor Belt MK.III enters with hydrogen fully loaded, the fractionation speed can be exactly 30 times/s
  • Optimized the CPU multi-thread logic operation of Sorter, so that the CPU time cost of Sorter will be reduced by 30%~40%
  • Optimized some special construct methods of Conveyor Belt under freeline mode


  • Increased the stack number of some items, including some materials, accessories, vessels, conveyor belts, sorters, and some production buildings
  • The speed at which the Ray Receiver station consumes the graviton Lens decreased from 0.25/min to 0.10/min


  • Fixed the bug that sometimes the minimap in the lower left corner does not refresh
  • Fixed the bug that the celestial bodies in the same distance may display a different ‘Reaching in…’ time.
  • Fixed the bug that the cargo icon from Plane Smelter may not be displayed correctly on conveyor belts


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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