Elden Ring: 999 Hours of Gameplay – Player hits Limit

Elden Ring: 999 Hours of Gameplay – Player hits Limit

Although “Elden Ring” is losing quite a few players, there are still some who sought out the game. Now one of those hardcore fans has reached the maximum playing time of 999 hours!

Why Elden Ring is losing player numbers is obvious. Most have read the story and discovered many mysteries. It just gets boring.

But there are still some Hardocre players who want to push the limits and push the game to the max. For example, Reddit user “JayzRebellion15” shared an image from his “Elden Ring” menu. It shows his character “Richter Belmont”, who can shine with a level of 648. But much more interesting is his playing time, which is given on the picture with 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.



That’s really scary, especially since he’s not even supposed to have finished all the quests!

But one of the big questions is: When is new content coming to Elden Ring? When is the Elden Ring DLC coming?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete information on this yet. The latest leak, a screenshot from Bandai Namco, is supposed to show us that an expansion is to come in Fiscal Year 2023.

Supposedly, the DLC will be called “Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands“. This rumor has not yet been confirmed and has not been denied!

Written by: Carizma

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