Elden Ring: Sauron added Lord of the Rings to the Game

Elden Ring: Sauron added Lord of the Rings to the Game

The New mod adds Sauron from The Lord of the Rings into the game. Elden Ring players can now explore their inner Dark Lord.


Elden Ring meets  Sauron


It meets one of the most iconic villains of The Lord of the Rings thanks to MaxTheMiracle, who put effort into modifying the game. It is considered by many as a superb game by itself, but modders have been changing the title ever since it was initially released. Some other crossovers incorporates to Elden Ring via mods, including one that lets the Tarnished wield  Master Chief’s armor and another that gives the player the power of a fire bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


The overpowered Dark Lord


MaxTheMiracle adds Sauron’s armor set from The Lord of the Rings movies. There are plans to give Sauron his move set, though, at the moment, the footage shown has a set of placeholder attacks. Nevertheless, the current move set represents the concept of a player taking on the role of an overpowered Dark Lord, as Sauron jumps around boss arenas, taking on Radagon.


Adding more options to the game


Besides adding crossover characters, its mods can also add many new options to the game. Some seek to make the game immensely more difficult, such as one alteration that makes every enemy Melania, while other mods seek to make the game easier by making leveling up and getting items much simpler. Do you love playing the Elden Ring?

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Written by: verena smith

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