Eternal Return Steam Update 0.37.0a on July 22 – Patch Notes

Eternal Return Steam Update 0.37.0a on July 22 – Patch Notes

Yesterday some bug fixes were made in Eternal Return: Black Survival and today it continues. Nimble Neuron has released a new hotfix and we will have all the details about the patch on July 23rd.

The new Eternal Return Update 0.37.0a is available now. Please restart your client to receive the update.


Eternal Return Patch Notes 0.37.0a

  • Temporary and Final Safe area location marks will be correctly displayed in all areas.
  • The information will be shown correctly in the result screen.
  • Nicky – Pure Rage Uppercut!!(R)’s sound and effects will be triggered properly.
  • Isol – When Overheat(Assault Rifle Weapon skill) is activated, Isol’s Semtex Bomb(Q) will correctly reduce its timer on each attack.
  • Rio and Bernice’s attack range will correctly increase when attack range increase effects are applied or equipped.
  • When collecting resources (Fish, Water), the Tree of Life icon will no longer appear over the collecting spot on the expanded minimap.
  • Bow – Artemis will display correctly when dropped on the ground.
  • Silvia – Selecting Silvia will no longer play the Shift Gears(R) sound effects during character selection.


The information comes from the Steam website.

Written by: Carizma

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