Exoprimal: Capcom Released 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Exoprimal: Capcom Released 15 Minutes of Gameplay

It wasn’t long ago that Capcom announced the new game Exoprimal, so more details will follow. A new gameplay presentation has been released and we have all the facts about it.

In Exoprimal there are different game modes such as the “Dino Survival” mode. In this variant, the AI deploys the players’ squad on a map full of dinosaurs and other exofighter squads.

In addition to the new gameplay video, which you can watch below, Capcom also revealed information about a closed network test.

So there will be a test in the summer, which will only take place on Steam. It starts on July 11, 2022 and you can register here.


Exoprimal – Extended Gameplay Preview

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