F1 22: Drivers’ rating details released

F1 22: Drivers’ rating details released

Codemasters has announced even more new features for F1 22 – The Real Formula One Simulation. The racing game will use driver ratings, which will be updated based on a new algorithm and will reflect a driver’s current form better than in the past.

The starting day ratings are compiled up to and including this year’s Grand Prix de Monaco. The dynamic evaluations are used in addition to an overall evaluation in several categories:

Experience (EXP):
This is based on the number of race starts a driver has completed over the course of their career.

Racecraft (RAC):
The driver’s ability to work through the field and finish the race higher than the starting position.

Awareness (AWA):
The less time drivers spend in the steward’s room, the better. Real-world penalties affect the score in this category.

Pace (PAC):
Favors those closest to the fastest qualifying and race lap times. A driver beating his teammate will also be counted.

Rating (RTG):
The combination of the four previous ratings. This overall rating rises and falls throughout the season based on performance.

That was the driver rating briefly explained. Have you seen the PS5 trophies for F1 22 yet? You can check out our trophy guide here if you want

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