Factory Town Update 160 Patch Notes on August 24

Factory Town Update 160 Patch Notes on August 24

Erik Asmussen has released a new update for Factory Town. Below are the full patch notes for this August 24th update.

The Factory Town Campaign Update is now available for download. The patch adds new Interface Option, new Biome Chunky Islands and some bug fixes.


Factory Town Patch Notes Aug 24

  • Added new Interface Option – Object Labels. Lets the player hide labels that hover over highlighted or selected objects
  • Added new Biome ‘Chunky Islands’
  • Fixed bug: Mechanical Rail research required Fire Purification research, now it requires Railway and Steam Engine research
  • Fixed bug: Worker Types were showing up as ‘locked’ in the hotbar
  • Fixed bug: Game objects with dual research requirements were being inadvertently hidden from UI (e.g. Steam Locomotive, Cargo Boat, Steam Engine)
  • Fixed bug: Campaign flag was not being cleared on exit to main menu, resulting in custom maps possibly being flagged as Campaign maps, resulting in unexpected behavior (like Terraforming or other map editing tools being unavailable)
  • Added admin command (accessible via backquote key) “campaignNum 0” that clears campaign number, for any maps that got stuck with an invalid campaign number due to above bug. Player would need to save and reload the map after performing this command to regain normal map functionality


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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