Factory Town Update 162 Patch Notes on August 30

Factory Town Update 162 Patch Notes on August 30

Erik Asmussen has released a new update for Factory Town. Below are the full patch notes for this August 30 update.

The Factory Town Campaign Update is now available for download. The patch adds new Interface Option, new Biome Chunky Islands and some bug fixes.


Factory Town Patch Notes Aug 30

  • Added Campaign Map #3 – takes player through Mining, Machinery, Boating, Fishing, and basic Railway technologies. Map is full of large islands, so Cargo Boats are useful to move goods between mining regions. A few flat areas for minecart loops to help produce all the necessary resources.
  • Added smoother texture blending to underwater terrain
  • Items that are impossible to produce (based on custom rules) are automatically hidden from House Happiness panel
  • Added new Biome: Mesa Valleys
  • Added recipe inputs to item tooltip panel

Balance Changes:

  • Tree, Bush, and Vine crops (Apple, Pear, Cotton, Berries, Herb, and Tomato) will now automatically replant when depleted. Their baseline item capacity and default grow speed (unless boosted by Farm Tile or Tree Planter) have both been significantly decreased.
  • Herb is no longer sellable on its own for Yellow Coins
  • Medicine research is now “Intermediate Medicine”. Advanced Medicine and Basic Medicine were added as new research options. These are both retroactively marked as complete for any maps that had previously completed Medicine research.
  • Got rid of house level requirements for selling specific items
  • Removed Lumber Mill requirement for wooden scaffold blocks

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug: hidden / disabled research was showing up on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: missing tooltips on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: could break functionality of House Happiness panel if you loaded a map with limited satisfaction categories after playing a map with more categories available
  • Fixed bug: Water was missing in ‘Edit Biome’ view
  • Fixed bug: extending a chute in a side direction would stall out items that had been stuck at previous end of chute
  • Fixed bug: unnecessary error logging when trying to transfer items to buildings that have unique item slots that are also full
  • Fixed bug – Replacing a Sensor Block with same structure type would leave invalid references to replaced block, potentially triggering lots of unexpected path item behaviors
  • Fixed bug – opening “edit rules” or “edit victory conditions” menus during a game unpauses it
  • Fixed bug – Victory flag could persist in game state if starting a new custom map after achieving victory on another map in the same session (flag Is cleared on legacy maps that don’t meet current victory conditions)
  • Fixed bug – Infinite research unlocks were not displayed after victory screen displayed
  • Fixed bug – missing label on ‘Construction Complete’ tooltip alert for OmniTemple
  • Fixed bug – using Upgrade hotkey to upgrade multiple buildings could upgrade more buildings than player could actually afford
  • Fixed bug: Moving or placing a house within a Market network did not immediately trigger goods being sold to that house


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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