Fallout 76: Hotfix is ​​here and so the developers react on patch 5

Fallout 76: Hotfix is ​​here and so the developers react on patch 5

Actually, the Fallout 76 hotfix (Patch 1.09) for the poorly received at the players Patch 5 should be installed later, but now Bethesda has already published him.

The hotfix 1.09 is ​​here!

What fixes the hotfix? The hotfix that went online last night fixes the following issues:

  • The weight of the hair clips was again reduced to 0.001.
  • It is possible to use large quantities of scrap to make and repair.
  • (Known) blueprints / recipes are no longer displayed across all characters.

What caused the problems? Bethesda explains that merging two build versions of the game has resulted in a bug that has reintroduced issues that were already fixed. In addition, there was a problem with the interface that came into play with Patch 5. In addition, the team explains some of the criticized changes to Patch 5: In addition to the above, there was some criticism of some other changes introduced by the patch. Bethesda provides explanations for this:

  • The ability to maintain the plans of the Ultracite Power Armor at Taggerdy’s Terminal was introduced as many players deleted or lost them after fighting the Burnbeast Queen.
  • The energy weapons and the non-legendary weapons should have more balancing adjustments. The current changes did not arrive well and the team agrees.
  • The changes to the perks, especially in combination with the mods, had to be introduced to ensure a better balance in the choice of cards. However, adjustments are planned here.
  • The prices for dealer plans have been increased, because they are not so rare appear but still something special.

Community is happy with the hotfix

What about the list of Known Issues? Bethesda says the publication of the “Known Issues” list is postponed because the team is still gathering the necessary information. Players should not expect to find any trifles in this list. The list should always be kept up to date.

How does the community react? So far, the reactions to the changes are basically positive. The players are happy that everything is back to the “old”. The irritable mood due to the overall situation, however, has changed little.

Whats your opinion on the hotfix? Use the comments below!

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