Fallout 76 – Massive Criticism on Metacritic

Fallout 76 – Massive Criticism on Metacritic

The fact that Fallout 76 would be a controversial game, was distinguished even at the announcement at the games fair E3. Now angry fans of the games series bombard Metacritic with bad reviews.

How do players vent their anger on the internet? They punish the game with bad reviews and reviews. And that is exactly what is happening right now Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 – A heavily criticized game

Why is Fallout 76 so criticized? Some Fallout fans had wanted a single-player game, a Fallout 5. Paradoxically, fans have been longing for a long-term opportunity to experience end-time adventure with friends.

The open PvP and the renunciation of NPCs also bothers some fans. In addition, there has been some saturation in the area of survival games, and Fallout 76 beats something in that score.

Review Bombing on Metacritic

What happened? Many angry Fallout fans are currently running out of their anger about online gambling and are literally flooding Metacritic with bad reviews and 0-point scores. But it’s not always fair.

Here are a few excerpts that show that many fans just come across the game because of their disappointment because it’s an online game:

  • Dart_Kain writes: “This game looks like early access of indie game. Bethesda just don’t respect players and fans of Fallout.”
  • nightmancomes writes, “It’s not the Fallout I remember aside from it being literally unplayable, buggy and glitchy.”
  • Gregnator explains, “As a hardcore fallout fan, all I can say is that this game is horrible. Seen from the perspective of Fallout, all this is not a fallout game.”

Here you can read some of the user comments, almost 70% negative!


Currently, the game’s ratings on Metacritic are as follows:


What do you think about Fallout 76, are you also disappointed?

Written by: Carizma

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