Fallout 76 Patch Notes Hotfix of July 19th

Fallout 76 Patch Notes Hotfix of July 19th

Bethesda had announced a hotfix for Fallout 76 via Twitter. With the last update 1.23 (patch 11) probably a few mistakes crept in, which need to be fixed.

Fallout 76 Patch was due to be released on July 17, but has been postponed to today. Below you will find the complete patch notes.


Fallout 76 Hotfix Patch Notes of July 19th

Bug Fixes

  • Power Armor: Leaving a world when entering Power Armor no longer prevents that set of Power Armor from returning to the players inventory after joining a new world.
  • Loot: Addressed an issue that could prevent legendary enemies from dropping legendary items on death.
    • Please Note: There is currently a separate issue that can cause a non-legendary enemy to incorrectly display “Legendary” in its nameplate. Creatures affected by this do not have a legendary star-rating or drop any legendary items. We are still investigating a fix for this nameplate issue and working to address it as soon as possible.
Stability and Performance
  • Server Stability: Fixed an issue with C.A.M.P.s that could result in a server crash.

Written by: Carizma

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