Far Cry New Dawn: 5 Things you need to know before the Release

Far Cry New Dawn: 5 Things you need to know before the Release

What is Far Cry New Dawn? Far Cry New Dawn will be released on February 15, 2019 and is a new addition to the Far Cry series. New Dawn is playing 17 years after the Far Cry 5 ends. New villains get in the way, fighting them with animal pets and weapon boosting by NPCs.

1. Spinoff by Far Cry 5 – Not a completely new game

So do not expect a completely new experience: you do not play a fundamentally new game in New Dawn. It is a spinoff of Far Cry 5 and uses some elements of it. New content and features provide variety, but the structure is based on FC5.

Who are you fighting? Your opponents are the Highwaymen. They are led by twins Mickey and Lou and want to steal their supplies from people. Everything is about power and emotions. Ubisoft says you’ll love to hate the twins.

You team with the survivors and continue the story of Far Cry 5. This opens up alliances that could not have been expected during the history of Far Cry 5. You’re now grouping with former ore enemy Joseph Seed.

2. What is new compared to Far Cry 5

Far Cry New Dawn uses the map of Far Cry 5. However, it now shines a lot more colorful. After the nuclear war, some villages may have changed a lot.

Expeditions: Expeditions are outside the map and you can travel to them.

The expeditions are available in different levels of difficulty. You participate in it to gather resources. In this video you can see such an expedition:

Weapon Ranks: With New Dawn, the developers follow an approach that resembles an RPG. To create more depth, players should be able to produce weapons with different ranks.

The opponents now have life bars and ranks. With a level 1 weapon, you have a good chance against level 1 opponents. A level 1 weapon, however, will have its problems with level 3 opponents.

Improved Outposts: In New Dawn, you can choose if you want to capture and hold an outpost, or just plunder it.

After looting the post remains empty for now. But then stronger opponents return. They then have more resources in the outpost at the start, but can better defend this.

New home base: There is a new kind of base in New Dawn. The Home Base system allows you to upgrade your weapons and vehicles with parts you find in the world. A crafting system, then.

New NPCs and animals on your side: Already in Far Cry 5 you could use the help of NPCs, who helped you in the fight. Some of the characters also return to New Dawn.

You can, for example, choose a huge boar named Horatio as support. But we have to do without the most faithful companion of Far Cry 5.

3. Far Cry New Dawn is a co-op game

Far Cry New Dawn gives you the opportunity to play with a friend again. 2-player co-op works.

In Far Cry 5, you have already been able to complete each mission in pairs. In New Dawn, there could be even better ways for the co-op mode. Because of the souped-up outposts to which you can lure stronger opponents, the difficulty is greatly increased. A reliable shooter you can talk to would be very helpful.

Also, the expeditions could be great fun for 2 players.

No classic multiplayer: Anyone looking for a new multiplayer game is out of place here. Above all, Far Cry New Dawn attaches great importance to storytelling that you can experience as a couple.

4. Who is Far Cry New Dawn suitable for?

With his setting Far Cry: New Dawn wants to appeal to friends of the post-apocalypse. However, not everything is dark and rubble here, as in Fallout 76. What more awaits you is a thriving, colorful world that has advanced well in regeneration.

In New Dawn, you’re practically making the deal with the devil by teaming with a sect leader. For that you have to be a bit beside the track. So you expect a lot of crazy dialogues, which are already hinted at in trailers.

Far Cry New Dawn is ideal for you if you are looking for a game that does not take you seriously. You should like shootouts with heavy weapons like sniper rifles or flame guns.

Friends of crazy stories will get their money’s worth here. Anyone looking for a fun adventure as a singleplayer or with a friend can find that in Far Cry New Dawn.

5. What about microtransactions in New Dawn?

Uncertainty about the Cash Shop: Players wonder if New Dawn offers the opportunity for microtransactions. Ubisoft has not yet highlighted these in detail. However, it can be assumed that they can be found in Far Cry 5 as well.

These could then be on cosmetic items or XP boosters. Players do not believe in pay-2-win content in the transactions. Especially since in Far Cry New Dawn does not depend on direct PvP fighting, so pay-2-win would be superfluous here.

On Reddit, user iKissedMyGhost writes that he has spent money on micro-transactions in no far-cry game yet. You can easily collect the game currency in the game.

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