Final Fantasy 16 is Missing From the list of The Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy 16 is Missing From the list of The Tokyo Game Show

JRPG fans are excited about Final Fantasy 16, but it seems like Square Enix is putting the focus on other games at Tokyo Game Show instead. Final Fantasy fans have patiently awaited the next mainline title, since the developer revealed its trailer in 2020.

Square Enix is focusing on other upcoming titles


With the game’s release window slowly beginning, many were probably expecting to see something new about the title soon at a major gaming show, like Tokyo Game Show. Unfortunately, the TGS will not give a spotlight to it. Square Enix will be at the event, but it’s focusing on other upcoming titles instead.


There’s no clear reason why Final Fantasy 16 won’t be on TGS


Square Enix will still be presenting Crisis Core:  Final Fantasy 14’s ongoing MMORPG, Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, and Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis. Many other titles, like multiple Dragon Quest entries, will also be featured. Some are jumping to the conclusion that the game is being delayed out of its original release window. However, it’s not clear why Final Fantasy 16 is missing TGS.


Coming soon on PS5


The game will release around mid-2023 and will likely launch before next year’s TGS. Given Square Enix’s outstanding status as a developer of JRPGs. Moreover, more gaming conferences and shows are slated for this year, like The Game Awards, which have a massive international audience watching, so further details about the game may still arrive this year. In the meantime, you might want to check out cool facts about Final Fantasy


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