Final Fantasy XIV: Patch Notes 5.15 – Update 8.10

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch Notes 5.15 – Update 8.10

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.05, we have all the information and Patch Notes 7.90 for you.

Final Fantasy XIV Update Version 8.10 is now available for download on PS4 and PC.

The Final Fantasy XIV Update 8.10 on PS4, Patch 5.15, According to Square Enix’s official FFXIV update website, Final Fantasy XIV Update 8.10 introduces the following new additions and enhancements.

Below you will find all bug fixes from the patch notes, you can read the complete information here.


Final Fantasy XIV Update Version 8.10 Patch Notes

  • An issue wherein the item level of Hydatos replica weapons was incorrect.
  • An issue when using the market board wherein the Remove from Favorites command failed to remove the selected item from the Favorites list.
  • An issue in the trial Thornmarch (Hard) wherein the duty could not be completed under certain circumstances.
  • An issue wherein the graphics of equipment obtained from the alliance raid the Copied Factory did not display correctly.
    * As a result of addressing this issue, certain equipment for the hands that appear as bracelets will now display. However, certain equipment that appears as rings will no longer display.
  • An issue in Rival Wings wherein a scholar’s seraphim was able to cast Seraphic Veil on players who were mounting machina.
  • An issue wherein bonuses were incorrectly applied to experience points gained from defeating bosses in instanced dungeons.
  • An issue wherein the information displayed in the recipe tree for certain recipes was incorrect.
  • An issue wherein the help text for the ninja PvP actions Hyosho Ranryu and Goka Mekkyaku was incorrect.
    * The effects of these actions were not changed.
  • An issue wherein executing the red mage PvP action Displacement would also trigger the cooldown of Corps-a-corps.

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