Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes 7.83 for PS4 & PC

Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes 7.83 for PS4 & PC

Square Enix has released Hotfix Update 7.83 for Final Fantasy XIV, which is ready to download for PS4 and PC.

After the Shadowbringer update was released last week, Square Enix has added a few minor updates and hotfixes. Today’s patch is another of these hotfixes designed to fix some game issues.


Final Fantasy XIV Update 7.83 Patch Notes

A temporary fix has been implemented for the issue occurring with the Windows DirectX 11 version of FINAL FANTASY XIV, in which the game did not start correctly under certain conditions.

* In [System Menu] > [System Configuration] > [Display Settings], we have reverted the frame rate limit back to what it was before Patch 5.0. (The [Maximum (90 fps)] setting has been removed and reverted to [None].)

The reversion should not cause any issues. However, if you encounter any problems with the game, such as the collision not working as intended or actions registering incorrectly, we ask that you fill out a bug report, including your system information in as much detail as possible.

■ The following issues were addressed.
・The astrologian action “Play” could not be queued.
・During periods of high server congestion, certain quests could not be progressed upon exiting an instanced battle until the player exited the game and logged back in.
・Under certain conditions, incorrect amounts of EXP were awarded for completing turn-ins for Rowena’s House of Splendors.

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