First testers compare Anthem with Destiny 2 – what else do they say?

First testers compare Anthem with Destiny 2 – what else do they say?

Bioware’s new online shooter Anthem is often compared to Bungie’s Destiny 2 in early play-in tests. But is there something in it? And what are the first opinions about Anthem?

Some gamers had the opportunity to play Anthem for longer (according to PC World 8 hours) and now draw comparisons to Destiny 2.

But why is Anthem compared to Destiny? Both games are so-called “Loot Shooter”. Together in the group you fight enemies in missions, collect loot and improve your heroes or the Javelin.

Anthem and destiny are online games based on cooperation. In addition, both play in a science fiction scenario. There are comparisons between Anthem and Destiny just close.

How does Anthem beat Destiny? The testers have different opinions. The basic tenor is that Anthem is a solid online shooter that will surely find its target audience.

If you expect a kind of new mass effect, you will probably be disappointed. And as for Destiny, Anthem could take too little risk to be self-reliant.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of potential in Bioware’s action game and the testers were enthusiastic about the gameplay.

Polygon, for example, means that the story looks very familiar. The missions are relatively linear, but the battles, the world and the expansion of Javelins are great fun.

Gamesradar writes that the similarities to Destiny are quite noticeable, especially during the missions. As a result, Anthem lacks something of its own identity, but as an online shooter, it still creates a mood.

According to PC World, the similarities to Destiny are felt. Anthem is supposed to play fantastically, but in terms of profundity and story, it seems that what you expect from a bioware game is missing.

Gamecrate says the parallels to Destiny are there, but Anthem plays his own and really well. Especially the landscapes and the action-packed gameplay convince.

WCCFTech praises the fast gameplay, which is especially fun when traveling with friends. But beyond the action Anthem does not feel mature. Nevertheless, according to the tester, it will find its target audience.

As Gamespot reports, Anthem plays very similar to online shooters that you already know. Nevertheless, the game has its own elements, but especially in Endgame must show whether Anthem can really stand out sufficiently.

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