Fortnite: Item Shop Gaffe to give players a bonus pickaxe

Fortnite: Item Shop Gaffe to give players a bonus pickaxe

One of the most often updated games is Fortnite, with the creators regularly introducing new cosmetics, challenges, and maps. Sporadic issues pop up now and again because the game is constantly receiving new content. However, Epic Games is very generous in offering rewards to gamers for game bugs that they find. To make up for these issues, there have previously been several compensatory awards distributed, and now Epic Games is providing one more reward to its users.


Fortnite: The Clutch Axe


The Vanishing Point bundle, which includes a lot of goodies for gamers, was just released by Epic Games. The Whiteout skin, Overtaker skin, Ignition, Lane Splitter back blings, and the White Squall glider will all be included. However, the bundle’s main image revealed that users would receive the Clutch Axe pickaxe in addition to other items. The Clutch Axe pickaxe is not in a pile. Thus that was a mistake.

Players compensation


The problem was quickly fixed, and Epic Games also offered players compensation. Players who purchased the bundle while the featured image was incorrect would still receive the pickaxe added to their account during the following seven days; the developers announced that the pickaxe was being presented incorrectly. Please be aware that the pickaxe will not be included in the bundle if you purchase it right away because the featured image has been corrected.


Pickaxe to be added to the inventory


Epic Games offer the pickaxe for free, especially as the error was initially relatively minor and the contents were accurately displayed within. Players may anticipate the pickaxe being added to the inventory in the coming days.


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