Fortnite – The Kingsman has been disabled on May 11

Fortnite – The Kingsman has been disabled on May 11

Epic Games deactivated the Kingsman a few minutes ago! The umbrella is not available at the moment!

It was announced on Twitter that Fortnite developers have taken the Kingsman out of the game. Apparently there was a problem with this item.

One of the Sky’s Adventure challenges can only be completed with the Kingsman. Epic Games has announced that the “Block damage with a Kingsman” mission will be released for everyone shortly, ie auto-completed.

As soon as Epic publishes the Kingsman problems or gives an appointment when the Kingsman is available again, we will report you!


Written by: Carizma

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  1. Jakob May 15, 2020 | Reply

    Most people probably don’t feel the same but the Kingsman was by far my favorite weapon. Made the game more fun, ya know?

  2. Wookiee May 14, 2020 | Reply

    For me, it had completely lost the ability to block any bullets from any weapon. People were just shooting straight through it or knocking me back with each shot. Either it’s a hack they can’t patch out yet, or a Glitch they can’t fix. Hope it’s returned to the game soon.

  3. Pointblizzy May 12, 2020 | Reply

    Geez Thats my favorite weapon. I hope they Mod it to wok as a functioning parachute without collapsing.

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