Fortnite Maintenance on April 15th – Update 12.40 Announced

Fortnite Maintenance on April 15th – Update 12.40 Announced

Epic Games announced the next Fortnite update – we have all the server downtime information.

According to Fortnite’s Twitter Status Channel, the servers will be turned off around 2 AM ET (0600 UTC) tomorrow, April 15th. Maintenance is in progress and Fortnite Update 12.40 is released.

Epic Games has not yet specified the exact duration of the maintenance work, if everything goes according to plan, the servers should be available again around 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).

It can be assumed that we will also have to download a patch, if this happens, it will be Fortnite Client Patch 2.67 (PS4 version). However, it has not yet been confirmed.


Fortnite Patch Notes 12.40

Epic has not yet released any details about update 12.40! There are some rumors that update 12.40 will release a Rocket Launcher. This rocket launcher is said to be a countermeasure to the Choppa. This weapon should be able to take the Choppa targeted, as a kind Seeker Missile. In addition to the rumors about the Anti Choppa weapon, the following bugs are expected to be fixed:


General Issues

  • Players using a controller may not experience any vibration feedback when taking damage.

Battle Royale Issues

  • Due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled.
  • Players may be unable to interact with Ollie, preventing them from completing their Skye’s Adventure Challenge.
  • Skye’s “Pull a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun” Challenge may not work with Henchmen.
  • Visualize SFX Audio will pulse the direction of audio sources instead of showing them consistently. (Audio appears from the correct direction and source.)


Fortnite Patch 2.67 is now ready for download – here you will find all the details.

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  1. Matti April 15, 2020 | Reply

    How long is the down time

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