Fortnite: New map to be revealed this month

Fortnite: New map to be revealed this month

As the famous streamer “Ninja” confirmed via Twitter, in about one and a half weeks a new map for the successful multiplayer shooter Fortnite will be presented. It is still unclear whether the map was designed solely for an event or should be made available to all players.

Even if the existing map is revised every season and regularly provided with new content and features, the “Fortnite” community used in the past again and again for a new completely new map.

According to recent reports, Epic Games developers may have answered the players’ request. Sun announced via Twitter the well-known streamers “Ninja” to speak. As this was to be understood, a new card for “Fortnite” will be unveiled at a Samsung event on March 16th. Concrete details on the new map could not or did not want to call “Ninja” yet.

New Fortnite Map just for the Samsung Galaxy Event?

Instead, there is only talk of “Ninja” meeting the Korean band iKON during the event called the “Fortnite x Galaxy Gaming Experience” and making the new card insecure with the musicians. Since an official statement by Epic Games is still pending, it remains to be seen whether the said card was designed solely for the event or should be made available to all players at a later date.

“I’m going to New York on March 16th to play with Jung Chanwoo from iKON … on a brand new card exclusively for Fortnite. Correct, a brand new map that was literally built for this event, “says Ninja in a nutshell.

At the latest in about one and a half weeks, we will learn more.

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