Fortnite: Ninja, the king of Twitch Moves to the competition

Fortnite: Ninja, the king of Twitch Moves to the competition

Streamer Tyler „Ninja“ Blevins will no longer stream to Twitch.TV. Although the Fortnite boom made him the biggest streamer on Twitch, he now switches exclusively to the competitor „Mixer“ from Microsoft.

On the evening of August 1, 2019, the famous Stn. Ninja, most notably Fortnite, announced that he would leave Twitch and stream exclusively to Mixer. This is the livestreaming platform from Microsoft.


Ninja was number 1 on Twitch

Ninja was considered the king of Twitch. He has over 14 million followers on his twitch channel, putting him in first place.

In the gaming scene, Ninja is a star, almost everyone has heard his name before. He was extremely successful on Twitch, having at one point 269,000 paying subscribers who supported him there.

As a streamer on Twitch, with his videos on YouTube and with sponsorship, he achieved a proud income. Ninja even announced how much Ninja earned in 2018. It was about 10 million US dollars.


What did Microsoft pay Ninja for switching?

In the discussions on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit one talks mainly about how expensive this deal for Microsoft must have been.

„My God, how much has Microsoft Ninja paid?“ „Well, enough to forego all the Twitch Prime money. I bet the kid with the 3 million from the Fortnite World Cup is not against what Microsoft paid to Ninja“, on Reddit.

Another Reddit user now sees an important time: „Hopefully this will open the doors for a real competition against Twitch. They urgently need something to keep them under control.“

Written by: Carizma

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