Fortnite: No Battlestar in Week 8 Season 4

Fortnite: No Battlestar in Week 8 Season 4

You are desperately looking for the hidden battlestar in the 8th week of Fortnite Season 4? Here we can help you, there is no hidden Battlestar in the eighth week!

Throughout the 4th season, Fortnite’s Weekly Challenges provided a pleasing rhythm: Battle Royales Battle Pass. Challenges always came on same day, when you complete all you get a special loading screen of the season’s blockbuster challenges. Somewhere in this loading screen there is a place, be it through coordinates, a place on a playing card, or just a recognizable piece of landscape. Hidden in this place is a secret battlestar that you could only receive after coping with the challenges of the week.


No battlestar in week 8

Unfortunately, as these Battle Stars were tied to the blockbuster challenges, this means there will be no free Battle Star for challenges this week. There is a loading screen showing The Visitor, which emerged from the meteorite in Dusty Divot and serves the rocket that was hanged by Snobby Shores, but there does not seem to be a hidden battlestar.

An overview of all Battel Royale Week 8 challenges of the 8th week can be found here.

Written by: Carizma

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