Fortnite: Patch 1.83 released – Patch Notes

Fortnite: Patch 1.83 released – Patch Notes

Epic Games has released patch 1.83 to Fortnite, just yesterday patch 1.82 was released. This is the second Fortnite update within two days.

Fortnite Update 1.83 is now available to players on consoles and PCs. According to the official patch notes from Fortnite 1.83, the new update brought gameplay changes and improvements under the hood. In addition, Fortnite’s version 1.83 also fixes issues related to the reduction in frame rate, delay, server performance, and more.


Fortnite Update 1.83 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

  • Fixed crashing issues with Fortnite 1.83.
  • Added fixes for frame drop, stuttering and lag issues.
  • Fortnite 1.83 update has added performance and stability improvements.
  • Various under the hood fixes added with Fortnite version 1.83.
  • Various fixes for players reported glitches.

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  1. Trevin October 4, 2018 | Reply

    Where is the new Disco LTM Mode.

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