Fortnite Patch Notes 11.10 – Update 2.42 Released

Fortnite Patch Notes 11.10 – Update 2.42 Released

Epic Games has released Update 2.42 for Fortnite, we have the full patch notes.

Fortnite Update 2.42 can now be downloaded for all platforms. All in all you need to download 3.5 GB on the PS4.

It looks like Epic Games has stopped publishing patch notes for updates for Fortnite that they think are minor or mostly bug fixes. But knowing what fixes we worked on prior to the release of this new update, we can give you some details.


Fortnite Update 2.42 Patch Notes 11.10

Battle Royale

  • Mission Challenges incorrectly display 14,000 XP.
  • Controller input not working properly for Friends search.
  • Players with “Auto Pick Up Weapon” enabled can automatically pick up the Bandage Bazooka even if only one inventory slot is available.
  • Pickaxing player-built structures falsely indicated that it gives materials.
  • Editing a style in the Locker after making an Item Shop purchase may cause controller controls to lock.
  • DBNO teammates cannot be revived or picked up if they’re in contact with corn stalks.
  • Explosive objects don’t have a Visualize Sound Effect indicator.
  • Not receiving credit for the Gunk Ops Achievement.
  • Creative
    Storm appears to cover entire map before its ‘Delay Time’ is over.

Save the World

  • Sporadic crashes when reaching the Victory Screen.
  • Event mission can disappear when dragging map around.
  • Bonus Elimination objective audio loops in Survive the Night.
  • Players who are PL76 and PL77 will have difficulty accessing the Survive the Night mission.


  • Edit build mode menu displayed.
  • Push-to-Talk icon disappears when team is eliminated.
  • Dire Human Outfit hair.
  • Editing in a 1×1.

Written by: Carizma

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    Thank you guy’s for the patch notes and have a great day

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