Fortnite: Players build maps from Call of Duty

Fortnite: Players build maps from Call of Duty

With the last big Fortnite update and the start of the season 7, the creative mode came into the game. This allows the players to build their own Maps.

Now many videos have been found, in which players build maps from the Call of Duty series.

Why are Call of Duty Maps being rebuilt? Call of Duty is known for good and effective maps, small maps like Nuketown are very popular. First of all, these maps are cult and especially popular with older players.

Nuketown – Fortnite Creative Mode


Rust- Fortnite Creative Mode

This is what Rust looks like in Fortnite: This map from Modern Warfare 2 was perfect for snipers, and you’ll also find many elevated locations and good shot positions in Fortnite. User itsHNDN has created a possible version of it.

Fortnite Rust COD MAP

There are many more examples of how Fortnite Player Maps copying the Call of Duty series, will it soon be possible to enter Call of Duty areas in Fortnite?

Written by: Carizma

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