Fortnite Season 11 – Downtime and Patch Notes on October 13th

Fortnite Season 11 – Downtime and Patch Notes on October 13th

Today at 11:00 PT, the live event for the season 11 of Fortnite is about to start, there are not many details yet but it seems like there will be a downtime today and Fortnite Patch 2.39 will be released.

So far, a new Fortnite Season has been started Thursdays, but this time it seems to be different, or not?

At 11:00 PT the Fortnite live event will start, but what awaits us? For the content of Season 11, there are no details. The only thing that is pretty sure, Fortnite Chapter 2 will come, including a new map. Due to such a serious change it is also certain that Epic Games will release a big update, this patch will be version 2.39 on the PS4. The official update will be Fortnite 11.0.

Of course with an update there is also a server downtime. Many speculate that this will be the case this evening, just before or after the live event. It may well be that today only the live event begins and the next season begins on Thursday.

We’ll be live, and if there’s an update and new challenges coming up today, we’ll provide you with patch notes and mission solutions.

Written by: Carizma

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