Fortnite: Season 6 Week 4 – All Challenges

Fortnite: Season 6 Week 4 – All Challenges

The challenges for Season 6 Week 4 in Fortnite are well known. Please note that the Challenges will be released on Thursday, October 18th. It may be that the list below is not complete, as soon as Epic has released the Challenges of the 4nd week to Season 6 we will complete this post accordingly.

All Challenges – Week 4 Season 6

Free Challenges

  • Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches (0/5)
  • Search an Ammo Box in different named locations (0/7)
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside (0/3)


Battle Pass Challenges

  • Land at Greasy Grove (0/1)
  • Dance on top of a Clock Tower (0/1)
  • Get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries (0/3)
  • Eliminate opponents near any of the Corrupted Areas (0/3)


Secret Star – Find the hint!

Once the secret star of Week 4 is revealed, the post will expand.

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