Fortnite Server Down on March 17th – Update 12.20

Update: Update 12.20 is available for download – You can find all information about Patch 2.62 here.

Today, Tuesday March 17th, the Fortnite servers will go offline on all platforms. The new update 12.20 is released. What’s in the new patch?

Update 12.20 (Patch 2.63) will be installed on all platforms. Epic Games announced this on the Twitter channel Fortnite Status. Hopefully this update will fix some bugs and bring new content.


Fortnite Server Down – Update 12.20

The downtime for update 12.20 will start at 3:30 AM ET (0730 UTC) today, then you can join a new lobby for the last time. At 4 AM ET (0800 UTC) the servers will then no longer be accessible and Fortnite will be down.

How long the servers are offline was not mentioned, but it should, as always, go quite quickly and take a maximum of 2 hours.

So far there is no information about the content, as soon as Epic releases the patch notes, we will report about it!


Written by: Carizma

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