Fortnite: Share the love event launched – Valentine’s day and Update 7.40

Fortnite: Share the love event launched – Valentine’s day and Update 7.40

Fortnie Update 7.40

Also in the world of Fortnite the approaching Valentine’s Day is celebrated. So today Epic Games launched the so-called “Share the Love” event, which attracts, among other things with twice the number of experience points.

As the developers of Epic Games announced, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in the world of the successful multiplayer shooter Fortnite.

So the studio announced the so-called “Share the Love” event, which starts today and will be available until February 27th. Matching Valentine’s Day, color-coordinated content and various activities await the Fortnite community. For example, players who already support a creator or redeem their code by February 22 may look forward to the free “Cuddly Hearts” Weapon Coating. This will be distributed to players as part of the 7.40 update.

Extension challenges and more

If you have already completed your ten weekly challenges, you can look forward to replenishment, according to Epic Games. In addition, starting with the release of 7.40, all players will have access to the new renewal challenges. Those who complete the new challenges by the end of the season will unlock five new rewards, including the “Valentine’s Gift” paint job and the “tendril” patch.

In addition, all players receive on the weekends from 15.-17. and 22.-24. February the double number of experience points. But that’s not all. The creators within the Fortnite community are also duly acknowledged. Epic Games on:

“We’ll be celebrating the great machinations of our community creators with a wild mix of featured islands that will show up in Fortnite creative mode. Day. For. Day. The new islands arrive on February 12 and leave Creative Mode on February 22 (EST). Show us your support by participating daily in creative mode and playing with your friends. “

Fortnite Love Update 7.40

Share the Love – contest series announced

Also a new competition series was announced. Here we are dealing with the eponymous “Share the Love” series. Participants will be split into four different divisions and will be able to unlock the next division by earning an award during a night’s tournament. Players earning an award in the Champion Division will be invited to the Champion Division Final on February 23 and 24.

“To start the competition, we have placement matches on the weekend of 9th and 10th of February; the best players are then divided into higher divisions based on performance. We’re going to implement some new tournament system features in the course of the “Share the love” competition series, starting with the 7.40 update, “Epic Games said.”

As usual you can find more information regrding this event of the official homepage.

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