Fortnite: Snow melts – Is the Fire King behind?

Fortnite: Snow melts – Is the Fire King behind?

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, the map changes again. The ice seems to melt and a mysterious “Fire King” has escaped from the dungeon. Will the epic fight between fire and ice come in Season 8?

What’s up with the “Fire King”? In Fortnite: Battle Royale there is a special skin every season that you only get when you create a certain number of challenges.

In Season 7 you get the skin only after 60 single challenges, which is at the earliest possible with the upcoming tasks from week 9.

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What you get, however, is already leaked. A monstrous figure called “The Prisoner”, who was probably imprisoned in the dungeon of the Ice Castle at Polar Peak. However, as the ice melts, the prison is defrosted and the prisoner escaped. This can also be seen in a leaked cover picture.

Why is the prisoner called the “Fire King”? The skin seems to have multiple phases, and the further these progress, the more “fiery” the skin becomes. In the end he is even on fire.

Therefore, fans suspect that the prisoner should be the “fire king”, eternal antagonist of the ice king.

His escape can only mean that there will soon be less ice in Fortnite.


Will “Fire” be the new theme in Season 8 in Fortnite?

These are the signs of a map change: According to the theory of some fans, the liberation of the “King of Fire” should soon initiate a turnaround and let the now completely icy map of Fortnite defrost again. The first signs of this theory have recently been observed in the northeast of the map.

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There the ice begins to disappear and has already returned the grass in a thin strip on the coast.

What’s coming after Season 7? So it seems that towards the end of Season 7 the winter slowly disappears and it gets warmer. But what happens then? Some fans still count on the big boss fight event with the Ice King, possibly together with the Fire King.

And then all of this could also be an indication of the next season. Maybe spring and fire will be the new topics. Maybe the map flares off slowly and becomes a desolate desert?

Is there a Game of Thrones event? Maybe Season 8 is based on the fantasy epic “Game of Thrones“. After all, that means in the original novel version “A Song of Ice and Fire”. In addition, the dragon eggs from the castle are still not hatched and the medieval sword from the data mining has not yet been used.

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