Fortnite: Teaser 3 promises to Season 9 probably new Tilted Towers

Fortnite: Teaser 3 promises to Season 9 probably new Tilted Towers

In Fortnite: Battle Royale is now the 3rd and possibly last teaser for Season 9 surfaced. This time there is another graffiti artist on display and there is a clear indication of the return of the Tilted Towers.

What does the 3rd teaser for Season 9 show? Twitter recently featured the third teaser for Fortnite’s upcoming 9th season. You see the following things there:

  • A guy with goggles, headphones, cap and hoodie. It is probably another skin from the new Battle Pass.
  • The title this time is “The Future is Tilted”, probably indicates the future of Tilted Towers
  • The letter “O” is big to recognize.


What do the letters mean? In the meantime, we have three letters that give the word “Neo” in chronological order. If today’s teaser was the last, then the word is really Neo, which in ancient Greek means “New”, but also “Fresh”, “Young” or “Revolutionary”.

Many fans think that it refers to far-reaching changes on the map. Or immediately on a whole new map, which replaces the old or alternative to this.

However, it could still be tomorrow, May 9, give a fourth teaser. Then the only meaningful word would probably be Neon. Epic has not released any teasers on the day of the season launch. Therefore, neon is unlikely.


Written by: Carizma

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