Fortnite – thats how you merge your PS4, Switch and XBox accounts

Fortnite – thats how you merge your PS4, Switch and XBox accounts

Battle Royale finally offers the possibility of an account merge. This will allow you to connect your progress and game currency to another account on one console account.

What is Account Merging? Account Merging or Merge is a feature that was announced as early as 2018. At that time, the sensational news went around the world, which allows Fortnite for the first time crossplay between all platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

But what about accounts that were already registered on a PS4, Xbox or Switch? The progress has been made in this account so far, but thanks to account merging, it is now possible to move progress, skins and v-bucks from one account to another and merge both accounts into one.

Check out all the information about the account Merging

How to connect your accounts? Through account merging you can either merge your Xbox One, PS4 or Switch account into one. You choose a primary account and a secondary account. The second account then goes to the primary account. The whole thing has a few limitations and you have to pay attention to the following things:

  • Account merging works only if one account was created on Xbox One or Switch and the other on PS4.
  • The account must have been created before September 28, 2018.
  • Your account can not be locked or deactivated at the time.
  • All items, skins and bucks of the second account are locked for 2 weeks after the merge, so think twice about giving up your favorite skin for so long!
  • Make sure you have access to all mail addresses associated with the accounts.
  • All your items in PvP mode will be transferred. In saving the world, Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Sketches, Survivors, XP and Advancement and Benefits Materials are transferred.
  • Attention: Items like Unreal Marketplace Items, Creative Mode Islands, Save World Account Levels, and progress will not be transferred from Secondary Account!
  • You can apply for an account merge on the Epic website.

If you’ve done all this, the accounts are now a single, universal account.

WTF, my items are not here anymore?!

Do not worry, within 2 weeks your items and V-Bucks will appear on the new community account.

Will you merge your accounts? Use the comments below to share your thoughts with the community!

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