Fortnite – The favorite weapon “Drum Gun” has been removed

Fortnite – The favorite weapon “Drum Gun” has been removed

fortnite drum gun

The latest patch from Fortnite: Battle Royale has brought a new weapon, but it had to go another weapon. It was the extremely popular Drum Gun. Fans are not happy and want the Drum Gun back.

Why was the drum gun so good? It was one of Fortnite’s weapons that immediately captured the hearts of many players. The compact weapon was extremely effective at close to mid-range, did a great deal of damage thanks to its good rate of fire, and was able to shoot long with the ’50s magazine.


Players are angry, they want the drum gun back

As always, when a popular weapon is being generated or even removed, the player’s displeasure is causing waves. Since the weapon was so good, she is missed by many fans. While opponents of the Spray Meta welcome Epic’s decision, many players are angry.

Will Epic re-enable the drum gun, what do you think? Was it a good idea to banish the gun?

Written by: Carizma

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