Fortnite: Today is a new update – The bottle rocket

Fortnite: Today is a new update – The bottle rocket

Fortnite Patch 2.02

Epic Games announced today a new Fortnite update. When the content update 7.30 goes live and what’s new, you’ll find out below.

When will the new Fortnite update be available? At 8 AM ET the patch will be ready, you will be asked to download the new update. According to Epic, there should be no server downtime, depending on the type of update it may be that today Fortnite Patch 2.02 is downloaded, but not yet known.

What’s in the new Fortnite Patch? The campfire is being reworked, after the update you will find more campfires on the map. In addition, the bottle rocket is introduced in Battle Royale mode. At the moment it is still unclear what capabilities the turret will have.

All details and the latest patch notes will be made available for you at 8 AM ET(1300 UTC).

Written by: Carizma

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