Fortnite Update 3.03 is out – Patch Notes on February 5

Fortnite Update 3.03 is out – Patch Notes on February 5

Epic Games released a new Fortnite hotfix update a few minutes ago. We have all relevant information about this game update on February 5.

The Fortnite Update 3.03 can now be downloaded and installed. On the Playstation 4 you have to download 1.1 GB, the size may vary depending on the platform.

PS5 Version: 1.000.013: 747 MB


Fortnite Patch Notes 3.03

  • The queuing bug with tournaments
  • The “Disable Pre-edit Option” in BR/Creative applying to STW
  • The recent performance issues on PC (DX12 still impacted)
  • The PS5 stability issues

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  1. Anonymous February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Was that all it took an hour AN HOUR

  2. Samuel Janes February 5, 2021 | Reply

    We did the update and now can’t play the game without it freezing and faulting out. We are playing on a PS4.

  3. Kyle Jackson February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Bruh you just want to abuse that color combo why do you think they got rid of it

  4. Edwin February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Performance mode is fave update, pls give mouse and keyboard different sense for build and editing and the ability to run sideways, and pls implement more options with performance mode like turning off animations for builds, and make it turn more transparent instead.

  5. Isiah February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Fortnite of you reading this message pls and back black on black and white on white for the super hero skin thank you for every thing epic games

    • Kieren February 5, 2021 | Reply

      No they wont as people were going full black which is cheating now

  6. Alyssa Veinot February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Maybe fix the issue with the crew membership. I haven’t been able to buy it at all, I keep getting the error message. I’ve missed so many outfits

  7. Caleb February 5, 2021 | Reply

    This has nothing to do with the platform I play on why do I have to update

    • Me February 5, 2021 | Reply

      The pre edit patch and tournament patch do

  8. Leo February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Too many updates

  9. Jake February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Why does mine say its 36.485 GB!?!?

    • Kyson February 5, 2021 | Reply

      Jake I’ve got that too. 99 hours to update???

  10. cam February 5, 2021 | Reply

    that is exactly what i whnt to know

  11. Archie February 5, 2021 | Reply

    Is this All that is in the update is lucky back or not

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