Fortnite Update 9.20 will be released June 6th – Maintenance

Fortnite Update 9.20 will be released June 6th – Maintenance

Update: The patch notes for the update 9.20 have been released, here you can find all information about it.

Epic Games has announced update 9.20 for Fortnite, so the update will be released tomorrow. We have all the downtime information and the client patch.

According to the post on Twitter, the Fortnite servers will be offline at around 4 AM ET (0800UTC) on June 6th. Maintenance is in progress and Update 9.20 is released. How long the Fortnite Server Down will be has not been mentioned.


The Storm Flip appears with v9.20

According to some reports, Tomorrow’s “Storm Flip” will appear, but what exactly this item is causing is not yet known. The description reads: “Unleash the storm or tame it. You have the choice.”.

Will the new object be able to summon a storm, if so, what does the storm do? There are some speculations, two of them could even vote:

  • The surface creates a storm that does damage
  • The storm that is summoned serves as a safe zone for the player


What is really behind the “Storm Flip” we will learn tomorrow. Besides, this will not be the only new content, we are curious!


Do I have to download a client patch?

So far, there are no official messages about a client patch, but it is most likely the client patch 2.24 (PS4) must be downloaded.

As soon as Epic Games releases the patch notes for this update, we will provide it for you. The patch notes are revealed in most cases up to 30 minutes before downtime.

Written by: Carizma

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