Fortnite Update 9.40 Announced – Patch 2.28 on July 17th

Fortnite Update 9.40 Announced – Patch 2.28 on July 17th

Update: Fortnite Update 9.40 has been released, here you can find the patch notes 2.28.

Epic Games has just announced Fortnite Update 9.40, so tomorrow the servers will go offline around 10:00 am. The update including client patch 2.28 will be released.

So far there is no exact information about what this update contains, but there is a weapon that will most likely be available tomorrow.

Epic had announced a new shotgun, which certainly goes with tomorrow’s Update Live. As soon as there are details about the update 9.40, we will tell you about it.


Downtime and Patch Notes 2.28

How long the servers will be offline did not mention Epic Games. It is assumed that the client patch 2.28 is released, this patch must first be downloaded before you can play again.

In any case, there will be patch notes for Fortnite Update 9.40, with or without Client Patch 2.28. We will provide you the patch notes as soon as possible!

Written by: Carizma

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