Fortnite: Week 10 Challenges – Season 4

Fortnite: Week 10 Challenges – Season 4

You need tips and solutions to the challenges in the 10th Week of the 4th Season of Fortnite? In this post we show you all the challenges of the tenth week including solutions and localities!

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The 10th week in the 4th season of Fortnite Battle Royale begins in a few days, we already have all the challenges for you! So far the Dataminer have always been in the right place, but last week the treasure hunt changed, in the leak was the “search between movie titles” but finally the treasure hunt was in Haunted Hills.

Also this week the Dataminer have again revealed “Search between movie titles“, we will be there live and provide you with all information and guides as soon as possible, when the 10th Week begins!


Week 10 Chellenges, all 7 tasks this week!

  • Search Chests in Junk Junction (0/7)
  • Deal damage to opponents structures (0/5000)
  • Search a Chest, Ammo Box and Supply Drop in a Single Match (0/3)
  • Skydive through floating rings (0/20)
  • Search between movie titles (HARD)(0/1)
    Here you will find the exact location to the treasure.
  • Eliminate Opponents (HARD)(0/10)
  • Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields (HARD)(0/3)

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