Fortnite Server Down on December 4th – Maintenance for Update 11.21

Fortnite Server Down on December 4th – Maintenance for Update 11.21

Update: Update 11.21 has been released, here you can find the patch notes.

Epic Games announced maintenance a few hours ago. The Fortnite servers are now offline and update 11.21 is being installed. We have all the information about this update on 4 December.

Fortnite Downtime start at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC), then finally the servers are no longer accessible and Fortnite is down.

How long does the maintenance take? Based on the experiences of the last weeks and months the work should be finished after 2 to 3 hours.


Fortnite Update 11.21 and Patch 2.47

We assume that everyone has to download and install an Fortnite update. Depending on the platform, the version numbers will be different, on the PS4 it will be update version 2.47.

As soon as Epic has released the patch notes for the update 11.21, this article will be updated!


What new content does patch 11.21 contain?

What’s new in Battle Royale mode? Fortnite Status posted a tweet to the Trello board, which collects all the issues currently circulating in the game. These issues could be resolved:

  • Problems with the stability of DirectX 12
  • Sniper hits that are not registered correctly
  • Problems with the weekly challenge: Elimination without notification

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