Forza Horizon 4 Update 1.457 Patch Notes on December 8

Forza Horizon 4 Update 1.457 Patch Notes on December 8

Playground Games have released a new Forza Horizon 4 update. We have all the information on December 8th, including patch notes.

Forza Horizon 4 Update 1.457.371.0 is available now. Today’s patch adds new challanges cards and few bug fixes.


Forza Horizon 4 Patch Notes 1.457.371.0

Version Number:

  • PC: 1.457.371.2
  • Xbox One: 1.457.371.0
  • Xbox Series: 2.457.371.0



Step up to the dealer’s table and take on the Super7, a brand-new game mode that tasks you to beat 7 community created challenges in order to win incredible prizes! You can enter the Horizon Super7 either through the Pause Menu, or through a new in-world activation near the UK Festival Site, and it can be played as many times as you like each Season.

Thanks to the community’s newly unleashed creativity, every Challenge Card in the Horizon Super7 has the chance to delight, surprise or infuriate. Found a Challenge Card you don’t like? No problem – simply burn the Challenge Card to get a new one and carry on working your way towards success! The Horizon Super7 also includes a whole host of new rewards, including the 1924 Austin Seven and the 1979 Triumph TR7 Roadster.


Create your own Challenge Cards, a new UGC type that lets your imagination run wild, and share them with your friends! Choose from any location on the road and pick from a variety of gameplay types, including Drift, Speed, Air and many more.

There are three ways to play Challenge Cards:

  • The Horizon Super7 – A new game mode that curates a unique list of 7 Challenge Cards made by the community
  • Freeroam – The world will be populated with an ever refreshing list of Challenge Cards for you to discover
  • The Challenge Browser – Located on the Pause Menu, the Challenge Browser offers more granular search options, allowing you fine tune your search for your next favorite Challenge Card

Challenge Cards can be created through either the Pause Menu on the Horizon Super7 tab, or through new freeroam activation points for other players Challenge Cards.


For the first time in Forza history, players have control of the world around them. Blueprint Builder lets you place stunts, structures and scenery into your Challenge Cards – including Half Pipes, Stunt Ramps…and even a T-Rex! Blueprint Builder unlocks a new world of surprising gameplay possibilities never seen before in Horizon, so explore your creativity and have fun! Blueprint Builder can be accessed when setting a score for your Challenge Card.


  • Fixed issues with throttle input, steering input, and force feedback on Xbox One Series S/X when using wheel and pedal peripherals
  • Fixed an issue where engine audio was corrupt for the ‘Porsche 911: Re-imagined by Singer’ on Xbox One Series S/X.
  • Fixed an issue where Clubs are not accessible to players on Xbox One Series S/X
  • Fixed an issue where player liveries would disappear after completing Showcase Events.


Source: Forza Motorsport

Written by: Carizma

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