Friday The 13th: Update 1.35 Patch Notes

Friday The 13th: Update 1.35 Patch Notes

Gun Media has released Update 1.35 for Friday The 13th The Game, the patch is available for download. We have the complete patch notes for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This update resolves issues that have occurred after the most recent changes to the interaction system. It has been changed in the last major patch to prevent the consoles from getting to places that are not normally accessible to them. This led to a whole series of other problems, which have now been fixed with Update 1.35.


Friday The 13th Patch Notes 1.35 – Update on August 13

  • FIXED – Various issues with cooldown speed and timings for Jason’s Abilities (Shift, Sense, etc).
    • Cooldown for Abilities was drastically shortened.
    • Unlock timings for Abilities were off, and Abilities would unlock too closely together.
  • FIXED – Counselor Animation Interrupt
    • Counselors were able to interrupt animations with key/button presses such as Combat Stance, and similar.
    • This resulted in unintended behavior with counselors jumping from windows etc.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Todd Sleezer September 22, 2019 | Reply

    What about the audio sync issues with the opening cinematica for each stage? What about the camper models falling halfway into the ground during grab kills? What about changing the level requirements for the better perks (like swapping weapons, and new kills)? I will probably NEVER reach lvl. 135, so I’ll NEVER be able to swap weapons. Or you could tweak single player offline games so that you get more xp per round… I’ve been playing offline for a VERY long time… and I’m only at level 50 something?
    C’mon, guys. I know you can’t add any new content… but you can polish the content you have already released.

  2. Hue G Wang August 16, 2019 | Reply

    What about the environmental kills inside the cabins not working? They’ve been broken since the last couple updates

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