Gears 5: Known Issues and Solutions – Update announced

Gears 5: Known Issues and Solutions – Update announced

You have problems with Gears 5? You lose the connection to the server? You can not build a squad? We want to show you the most problems, as well as some solutions to the problems.

The developers have published a list of all known errors, some solutions are already there. According to the developers, at the moment they are working hard to find and solve all the bugs in the game.

There will also be another Gears update shortly (downloadable client patch).

Have you seen all the Xbox achievements for Gears 5 or are you missing one of the many collectibles? Have a look at our achievement guide.


Gears 5 Online – Known Service Issues

Online Stability

Status: Work Ongoing

We are consistently working on server-side updates to improve online stability as fast as we can.

Related issues:

  • Being dropped from online matches
  • Issues when trying to build a Squad in the Social Panel
  • Session instability for Campaign Co-Op

Deployed fixes:

  • Decreased number of disconnects from online matches
  • Dramatically improved time to match
  • Addressed infinite loading into Campaign in Single Player
  • General stability improvements

Stats Issue

Status: Resolved

We have deployed a fix for Stats and are now seeing them perform as expected.

Related issues:

  • Unable to select Modifers, including Modifiers disappearing in menus
  • Campaign collectibles registering as collected in-game but not appearing in the Collectibles Menu
  • End of match stat errors
  • Stats displaying as 0 in the War Journal
  • Leaderboards not loading

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